New Ghost Recon announcement trailer & Live-stream!

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint revealed by Ubisoft.

WARNING! Spoilers for Ghost Recon Wildlands

Ubisoft have just dropped an announcement on their Twitch Live stream of a new Ghost Recon that you can see here.

To summarise for those of you who haven’t got half hour to follow the above link, it looks an awesome sight to existing Ghost Recon fans.

Jace Skell is a tech genius, visionary and multi-billionaire. Skell tech drones have incorporated their way into many facets of daily life. From eliminating food shortages with miniature robot pollinators (effectively replacement bees), healing the sick by completing complicated surgeries and the claim that in time, will eliminate world poverty all together.

With the power to change the world, Skell buys his own archipelago to create his own ‘world of tomorrow’. However, the road to hell is often paved with good intentions. With the spread of lethal autonomous weapons seen as the next global threat and the UN voting to enact sanctions, it would be fairly pertinent to discuss matters with Skell.

The island of Auroa however, the private archipelago where Skell has his company headquarters and ‘world of tomorrow’, has gone dark. With contact with the island lost and no way to speak with Skell, there is only one thing left to do. Time to send in the ghosts…

New Ghost Recon announced! What is “Breakpoint”. 3

The island of Auroa itself has many different biomes from snow, jungle and even a volcano. Navigating the island will not always be straight forward. Thankfully, a collection of vehicles and weaponry will be at your ghost’s disposal.

New Ghost Recon announced! What is “Breakpoint”. 1
New Ghost Recon announced! What is “Breakpoint”. 2

There are 3 tiers of damage each ghost can take in combat, with the 3rd tier of damage making fighting virtually impossible. When you take damage, you will know about it! Will you be able to run if shot in the leg? Will you be able to hold your gun and aim when taking damage to your arm? No longer simply a flinch when hit, taking damage really matters.

Ghosts can also now invest into a skill called “prone camo” which allows them to cover themselves in mud to help avoid detection.

New Ghost Recon announced! What is “Breakpoint”.

Finally ghosts are no longer ‘fenced off’; restricted from how they access areas and bases. Ghosts can now affect entry using a “breaching kit” which allows them to cut their own entry points when adopting a more stealthy approach. Check out the Alpha game-play footage for yourself below.

However, Auroa is not going to be such an easy mission as those that came before. The island is home to private military contractors protecting Skell’s investments alongside an army of drones and Skell tech.

These contractors are not the biggest threat though, as the island has been overtaken by another Special Forces team known as “The Wolves”. Existing players of ghost recon Wildlands may already be aware of what is coming, if they have played Operation Oracle in Ghost Recon Wildlands. If you have played Oracle and not yet in the know, you are in for a surprise at the end of the below announcement trailer.

That’s right! Walker has gone rogue!

For those who haven’t played Operation Oracle, in it we are introduced to Cole D. Walker played by the excellent Jon Bernthal (The Punisher, The Walking dead). It’s a nice touch that rather than just introducing a fellow ghost gone rogue in Breakpoint, you can actually play alongside him in the previous game.

This makes the fact Walker goes rogue sting, as it is more personal having fought alongside him. The trailer for Operation Oracle was too good not to include here…

Some of the criticism we can see already is if playing solo, there no longer appears to be AI teammates with you under your control. Although personally I’m not bothered as i’m always playing online in a group, it has been a staple element of many ghost recons past, so I imagine their removal will upset some more single player orientated fans.

Comments on the live stream also pointed out that the game for PC players at least will be available only on the Epic store and not steam which still remains a massive bone of contention.

More details should drop at E3; particularly we want details around PVP which should be available from the start. Will this be any good? Will it just be Wildlands 2.0 or will it have enough new mechanics to feel fresh and new?

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint will be available across platforms on October 4th 2019.


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