LOST Ended nine years ago today! Here’s my Top 10 favourite moments from the show!

Has it really been nine years since we said goodbye to one of the greatest shows ever to grace our screens? The show that was full of mysteries, surprises, twists and turns, which kept us guessing over its six season span.

It’s hard to believe it’s been that long, yet it only feels like yesterday that I was settling down to watch with eager eyes the last ever episode of an amazing show that was a huge part of my life for six years.

During the last few seasons of LOST’s run I set up and ran a LOST fan site specifically for fans to post their theories on what was going on (the site is still up and running here: theoriesonlost.com). For me I was lucky enough to have made a few good friends from that site who I still speak to today, and that’s what made LOST extra special for me.

It was an amazing show and had an amazing community behind it, one that isn’t easily replicated. With that being said, I thought I’d share my Top 10 favourite moments from the show! If yours isn’t here let me know in the comments what your favourite moments were 🙂

* SPOILER WARNING: This post has spoilers for the entirety of LOST, so if you haven’t watched it please don’t read! Instead, go and watch it and discover for yourself why LOST is one of the greatest shows ever made! You will not be disappointed! *

#10 The Others take Walt


At the end of Season One Michael, Sawyer, Jin and Walt set sail on their raft to find help and during the night are discovered by Mr Friendly and co. We’re all delighted that they’ve come across other people and that help might soon be on the way, only to discover that they wanted to kidnap Walt. Wait… what?! It appears Rousseau’s warning of The Others “coming for the boy” meant they were coming for Walt, and not Aaron as they all thought.

#9 Otherville


Ahh Petula Clark’s “Downtown” plays whilst we’re being introduced to Juliet during Season Three’s premiere. She appears to be in a well looked after house and is baking muffins (badly) for her book club, which of course must be off island somewhere. We hear a loud noise outside and Juliet goes to investigate, and Ethan’s there (why is Ethan there?), and then we see Ben (wait, why is Ben there?!), we look up to the sky and see Flight 815 breaking up in two overhead and we realise we are on the island! There is a whole community living on the other side of the island, living in houses with book clubs and baked muffins… not the aborigines we thought they were in Season Two.

#8 The Constant


Desmond was one of my favourite characters and I always loved his character centric episodes as they were always different from the norm. The Constant saw him flashing back and forth in time as he traveled from the island to the freighter that had come “to rescue everyone” (spoiler alert: they hadn’t). If he didn’t find his “constant” he would continue to flash back and forth until he’d eventually die.

Luckily for Desmond his constant was the love of his life, Penny, and was able to get her phone number from her in the past to be able to call her in the future (through some tribulation). Their phone call was the sweetest thing ever and it was lovely to see them “reunite” after so many years apart.

#7 Time Travelling Island


Introducing time travel into a show so many seasons in was always a risk, but for me I loved it! I love anything that has time travel in it and I enjoyed watching how our islanders coped with it. From when the island disappears in front of the Oceanic Six’s eyes, to when Hurley and Miles were having their famous time travel discussion, and when Daniel’s adamant that “whatever happened, happened” stance changes to try and save his love Charlotte. LOST handled it all pretty well in my book and I loved every moment of it.

#6 Locke’s first visit to Jacob’s Cabin


When Ben takes Locke to see Jacob, it appears that Ben has lost his mind as he introduces Locke to an empty chair claiming that Jacob is sitting there. Ben has what looks like a conversation with the empty chair which frustrates Locke as all he wants is to meet the mighty Jacob. Locke goes to leave the room and as he does hears a voice saying “help me”. Locke thinks it’s Ben trying to fool him until furniture starts to move, lanterns begin to smash on the floor, and Ben is seemingly pushed back by the empty chair. For a split second we see someone sitting in the chair.

This moment was definitely one that got the internet asking: “Who is Jacob?!”, as the two second clip of the person in the chair circulated and the juices of all theorists were flowing.

We later find out that Ben had never even met Jacob and that the person we saw in the chair wasn’t him. It’s never explicitly stated who was in the chair, whether it was actually meant to be Jacob at the time but then the writers changed their minds down the road, but at this moment I’d guess that if it was anyone, it was MIB.

#5 Desmond in The Hatch


Very similar to the Season Three opener is the Season Two opener where we’re introduced to Desmond. Mama Cass Elliot’s “Make Your Own Kind of Music” plays and we see Desmond waking up, making breakfast, doing a work out… all seemingly normal stuff. All of a sudden he hears a loud noise and off he goes to investigate, and as the camera spans out and the angles change we realise what he’s just heard is the noise of Jack and co. blowing up The Hatch door above him. Wait… this guy is in the Hatch?! I’d been speculating on what could be down there since the Season One finale but I’d have never have guessed there’d be a Scottish guy down there who has been down there for 3 years pushing a button every 108 minutes to save the world!

#4 Blowing up The Hatch


I had to share this moment as well as Desmond being down The Hatch as it was the perfect season finale. Season One of LOST introduced us to all sorts of mysteries and had us on the edge of our seats, but this moment, seeing Jack and Locke peering down The Hatch not knowing what they were looking, that was the perfect way to keep us guessing.

#3 The first Flash Forward


In the Season Three finale we see a very dishevelled looking Jack who is drinking a lot and is on prescription medicine. We see him reading an obituary for someone called Jeremy Bentham and seems to take it quite badly. A lot happens in this finale that suggests that it’s a normal flash back. Jack even mentions his father in the present tense so it’s assumed that it takes place long before the island and before Christian’s demise. During the last few minutes though our minds are quickly blown as Jack meets up with Kate. They discuss Jeremy Bentham to Kate’s disgust, and after a heated discussion Jack tells her they “have to go back”.


This is the first time we are introduced to flash forwards and so for me it was a huge surprise, and it opened up a whole lot of questions between seasons. How did they get off the island? Who else left with them? Who is Jeremy Bentham? LOST just kept coming up with ways to surprise us and this was definitely one of my favourite moments.

#2 Locke in Wheelchair


This, for me, was a very pivotal moment in setting up LOST to be the mysterious and exciting show it was. This was only four episodes in to Season One, which shows just how creative and different the show really was. We’re given a Locke centric flash back, and we learn that he was in Australia to take part in a Walk About, an adventure where they’re taken to the outback on “a journey of spiritual renewal… where one derives strength from the land… Becomes inseparable from it.”

Throughout the episode we see quite a lonely man who is ridiculed by his boss and rejected by a woman he pays to speak to. It’s a stark contrast to the Locke we see on the island in this episode, who is off hunting boar. What we are surprised to learn at the end of the episode, as Locke isn’t allowed to take part in the Walk About because of his “condition”, is that he is actually in a wheelchair. The episode was very clever in that every scene from his flash back he was sat down or on his bed, and so that moment where Locke is screaming “don’t tell me what I can’t do” and then moves in his wheelchair it was an absolute shock (at least to me).

I’ll never forget that moment, once we’ve learned he is no longer wheelchair bound and they’re burning the bodies from the fuselage, he looks over at the wheelchair and we can see in his eyes he is living his “journey of spiritual renewal… where one derives strength from the land… Becomes inseparable from it.”

#1 Guys, Where Are We?


I had to include this moment as this is what defines LOST. “Guys, where are we?” was asked at the end of the Pilot episode by Charlie Pace, and in that moment everyone who was watching was asking the same thing. Charlie was speaking for us and over the next six years we’d be constantly asking it. This was the moment I knew LOST was going to be a special show and it had me hooked from the very beginning.

There are lots more LOST moments I could’ve included in the list (the smoke monster, the polar bears, the Dharma Initiative etc.), but if I’m missing your favourite moment be sure to leave a comment and let us know what yours were! 🙂


My favourite TV Shows of all time have to be Lost and Firefly, and I am a huge LOTR fan. If I'm not watching a show or movie, you can usually find me on the PS4 playing Dragon Age and the like. I'm not a professional writer by any means, but I am passionate what I write about and that's all that matters, right? :)

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