New Sonic ‘Live-action’ movie is not quite how you remember him!

Oh Sonic, what have they done?

Paramount pictures have just dropped a trailer for the new ‘Live action’ Sonic the Hedgehog movie and it’s as worrying as you might expect.

Sonic is a beloved hero for many the older gamer, myself included. My first proper games console that wasn’t a hand me down (My first was a ZX Spectrum and a bin liner full of cassette tapes), was a Sega mega drive or Sega Genesis as it was formerly known. I remember having various titles like Quackshot, General chaos, Streets of rage and Desert strike; but it was Sonic that was the poster boy for Sega’s classic console.


I have fond memories of playing chemical plant on Sonic the hedgehog 2 so many times, I could virtually do the level blind folded. This was back in the day when save states were not a common thing and I recall having to leave my Mega drive on all night so I could try and finish the game before school the next morning. If I turned the console off (which I inevitably did), I would have to start from the very beginning again next time I played.

Muscle memory in my fingers from repetition; I wonder if I could still whizz though those early levels, even now years later? So yes, Sonic is an important part of many a 90’s child gamer upbringing. Imagine the horror then of hearing a ‘live action’ adaptation was on the way?!

New Sonic the hedgehog is not quite how you remember him!

Voiced by Ben Shwartz (Parks & Recreation, Star Wars VII), Sonic also stars James Marsden (Westworld, X-Men) and Jim Carrey (Bruce almighty, Liar Liar). As cool as the movie poster made Sonic out to be and even having acting stalwarts like Carrey on board, I can’t help but feel we are on course for another video-game movie failure!

Twitter it would appear instantly had several issues around this new Sonic from his realistic fur, to his human teeth or even apparent skipping of leg day!

Jim Carrey plays as Dr Robotnik and as much as I admire the career of such a talented actor, he isn’t the same crazy Jim Carry we know and loved from the 90s. That is i feel who they pictured for the role, but whether that is who they get remains to be seen. From the trailer it does seem however that Jim Carrey is doing at least a semi-decent impersonation of 90’s Jim Carrey.

The chime of the rings and the sound of Sonic ‘spinning up’ was an instant hit of audio nostalgia for me. What on Earth possessed them though to think that Coolio’s Gangsters Paradise would work as a good backing track for this trailer, i will never know.

What do you think? So far it doesn’t seem to have gone done well! Is it another for the video-game movie pile of rubbish or an innovative take on an old classic? Even the Street fighter movie had it’s fans after all!

Sonic the Hedgehog is scheduled to release in November.

Fans in the UK will have to wait a little longer with a UK release date set for the 26th of December 2019.


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