Why LOST will always be one of the greatest TV Shows

It’s hard to believe how long it’s been since LOST first graced our screens (22nd September 2004 – almost 15 years ago!), yet to this day it still remains one of my the greatest shows of all time (at least in my life time). To this day I don’t think there’s ever been a show quite like LOST for having such mysteriousness surrounding it, and for uniting fans across the globe to discuss their own theories about what is happening on Mystery Friggin’ Island. Some of us may have even created our own website for fans to discuss said theories (cough theoriesonlost.com cough).

Yes I loved LOST. I still love LOST. And at the time it aired I was pretty much obsessed by LOST. Even now as I write this I’m debating whether or not to re-watch the series for the umpteenth time, even though I know exactly what’s going to happen, when it’s going to happen (to be fair, the last time I re-watched the show was a few years ago now, so I think a re-watch is overdue). It’s still an enjoyable experience for me and I love watching it all unfold and remembering how it felt watching all of those moments for the first time.

I think the first memorable moment for me, and the one that got me hooked on the show in the first place, was the end of the Pilot episode. Kate, Sayid, Sawyer, Charlie, Shannon and Boone discover the radio message left by the “French Woman” and are shocked to learn it’s been playing on a loop for the last 16 years. When Charlie asks “Guys… where are we?” – that is the moment that defines the show for me. Throughout the course of the show we are treated to all sorts of mysteries (the smoke monster, the whispers, the Hatch, the Dharma Initiative, time travel) the one thing that is constant (see what I did there?) is where are they? Mystery Friggin’ Island indeed!

If you’ve never seen LOST I envy you. I would love to be able to see this show for the first time again and relive each WTF moment with that same surprise I felt the first time. If you’ve thought about watching LOST but have been put off by haters of the ending I’d say watch it and decide for yourself how you feel about it. I must admit, when I first watched the ending I was deeply disappointed. It wasn’t the great mystery solving episode I had hoped it would be. But when I sat back and really thought about what I saw, I realised it was a fitting end to the show. I think my heart was dead set on getting answers and didn’t really take the ending for what it was at the time.

LOST will definitely have you on the edge of your seat, it will leave you asking questions, it will take you through twists and turns and a whole load of WTF moments, it will make you laugh, it will make you cry… and that is why LOST will always be one of the greatest TV Shows ever.


My favourite TV Shows of all time have to be Lost and Firefly, and I am a huge LOTR fan. If I'm not watching a show or movie, you can usually find me on the PS4 playing Dragon Age and the like. I'm not a professional writer by any means, but I am passionate what I write about and that's all that matters, right? :)

2 thoughts on “Why LOST will always be one of the greatest TV Shows

  • February 20, 2019 at 6:54 pm

    I’m just finishing my 25th viewing of Lost because I was recovering from surgery and couldn’t do much. I decided I keep watching for this simple reason. It makes me happy to be in Lost world and hang out with these characters I know so well but still have new insights into with each character with each viewing. Like friends.

    My favorite has always been Jack. Matthew Fox is reason I watched the pilot.

    My opinion about The End is that the purpose is to learn from the story that was told and not to be critics. Every time I watch I get a deeper understanding of each character and the show.

    I love all the repeated phrases; Who are you? Where are we? Do you trust me?
    Where are we going? Whose in charge? We have to get off this island. We have to go back. Why are we here? Who are you with?

    These all have double meanings, the surface immediate reason for question and the deeper meaning Lomé who are you deep down not just your name.

    Anyway Lost is simply brilliant and we can all learn from it

    • February 22, 2019 at 2:01 pm

      Hi Laura!

      Sorry to hear about your surgery – I hope you’re recovering well! Good choice on re-watching LOST again whilst you recover!

      I absolutely agree with you about being happy in the Lost world. I haven’t done a re-watch for quite some time but when I do, like you, I just get Lost (pun intended) in it and I’m happy to see the story unfold again. Even though we know how it ends, it’s always a thrill to see the character’s reactions to the mysteries of the island.

      I was never much a fan of Jack though, I was more for Desmond. I just think his character was fascinating and really enjoyed watching his character evolve. I’m also a lover of anything time travel related, so that could be a contributing factor 🙂

      Thanks again for your comment! Namaste! 🙂


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