How I really feel about the end of Vikings

It’s only been in the last 12 months that I started watching Vikings, and as you can imagine if you’re a fan of the show, I ended up binge watching every episode until I had no more to watch.

I haven’t seen any of the Season 5 Part 2 as yet though (I’m waiting to get the full batch of 10 so I can binge watch them in a weekend), but hearing the news that the show will be cancelled after Season 6 has left me with a mixture of feelings.

Obviously, being a huge fan of the show one of those feelings is of sadness. It’s always sad when one of you’re favourite shows comes to an end. However, given that Vikings will be ending after a 6 Season run I feel it’ll end on a high and will be given a chance to end properly (unlike TV Shows that get cancelled after one season and don’t get the chance to tie up loose ends – don’t get me started on Dark Matter).

Ragnar was a huge part of the show and it has stood its ground since he left the show was brutally murdered by King Alea, however I feel that most of the appeal for watching the show (at least for me) was to see his story, and since that has ended, and the progress of the story to where we are now, I feel like there isn’t much story left to tell. This is why I’m almost happy that it’s being cancelled after Season 6. Granted, I haven’t seen Season 5 Part 2 yet, but I feel that we can’t have so much more of Ragnar’s sons story left to tell without it getting repetitive.

Overall, I will miss the show when it ends. Hearing “If I had a Heart” play on that final episode will be quite poignant, but I know that Michael Hirst is going to give the show the ending it deserves. And besides, we can always re-watch from the beginning, right? 🙂


My favourite TV Shows of all time have to be Lost and Firefly, and I am a huge LOTR fan. If I'm not watching a show or movie, you can usually find me on the PS4 playing Dragon Age and the like. I'm not a professional writer by any means, but I am passionate what I write about and that's all that matters, right? :)

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